Home Services
If you have a DSL or Cable internet connection, we can provide support and resolve most software problems remotely without coming to your home, taking less of your time and reducing your cost!
Repair and Troubleshooting    
Our certified technicians will come to your home and provide expert support for your PC If the problem is potentially software related we will first connect remotely if possible to rule that out, thus saving you the expense of a service call.

Internet Connectivity              
Let us assist you with your high-speed internet connection, either cable or DSL. Our trained technicians can configure connection sharing and security for PC.

Anti-Virus and Security             
We provide expert Virus and Spyware detection and removal, as well as configuration of preventative measures. Data recovery service is available if needed.

Remote Support                       
Our technicians use state of the art remote support software that allows them to troubleshoot and repair software and configuration problems remotely via your high-speed internet connection. All transmissions are encrypted and secure. This dramatically lowers our response time and your costs.

Network Services                    
We provide fast professional service to troubleshoot, repair and setup both wired and wireless networks. Allowing you to share one internet connection with several PCs. We also provide security configuration for wireless networks protecting your personal information.

Custom DELL Hardware        
We will assist you in configuring and ordering DELL PC Hardware designed to your specifications, or place the order for you based on the information you provide.

Spyware & Adware Removal  
Has your computer slowed dramatically? Does the internet seem slow and prone to lockups? Your computer has likely been infected with spyware and adware. Our technicians will provide expert removal and cleanup of the offending applications and restore you PC to its original performance. If you have High-Speed internet access we may be able to accomplish this without a service call.